k-POP much??


For those who has no clue what “annyeonghaseyo” is, it’s mean Hello in Korean. (I actually googled that for the right spelling. Yeah..yeah..) There’s no doubt that k-Pop has really invaded Malaysia nowadays. Hamboiii…invaded. Exaggerate sangat kan? Haha..

Who would have thought that k-Pop could give such a huge impact on Malaysian? Be it on fashion, tv shows, drama, music and food. Korean are really blooming in our country. Buka radio pun dah ada K-Pop song, budak kecil dah pandai joget Gangnam Style, abang-abang buat lagu Gentleman as their phone ringtones. Anak-anak muda dah ikut fesyen Korea, sibuk nak amek kelas bahasa Korea, poster selebriti Korea bertampal kat dinding bilik anak gadis, mak-mak dah pandai layan cerita Korea sampai kadang-kadang lupa nak masak, kaum bapa dah pandai download Running Men..aigooo~ Last family outing, my family and I went to Mid Valley Megamall. Out of sudden, one of my sisters suggested to try out Korean food. My first reaction was “Woah!” It was kinda surprised to hear that from a person that I knew for my entire life, who had never watched Korean drama nor listened to any k-Pop songs. But we agreed to give it a try since it’s already 3 p.m and all of us haven’t had our lunch yet! Both mouth and tummy were grumbling like crazy…so DubuDubu here we come!!!



Aaahhh,,now I know what DubuDubu means 🙂






To be honest, we’ve been flipping the menu book back and forth for several times and looked at each other asking, “makan ape? makan ape?” and started to laugh at each other. Though there’s a simple explanation provided on the menu, we still had a hard time to place our order. Perhaps too little explanations. Haha..Bibimbap, Bulgogi, Udon are the only menu that I familiar with. And oh yeah, Chicken Wings! :p Despite the confusions, we placed our order eventually. Nama pun nak try kan.. Presenting…..


Soondubu Jigae – Perfect to consume during cold weather or when you are having a fever. It warms your body and filling u fast!


Honey Mustard Wings – It’s in the promotion offer. My little niece ordered this when she saw the picture. Which kid doesn’t like chicken anyway?


Drooling much? Crispy on the outside, moist on the inside. Coated with sweet, gooey Honey Mustard sauce. You will have a very slight bitter taste on the back of your tongue at the end. I bet it’s from the mustard. Still, finger licking good!


Korean Spicy Wings set – ordered by my little sister. Sweet and spicy. But not as spicy as I expected. It’s mild and delicious/


Pa-Jeon (Korean Pancake) – A dish with a Pancake texture and Omelette taste..but better! It’s fluffy, you get crunchiness from the fresh vegetables and it’s full of flavor. Comes with sesame soy dipping sauce, this cake will satisfy your hunger. Yummy!


Beef Bulgogi – Korean Grilled Beef. On the first bite, I can taste the combination of soy sauce, sesame oil, garlic, ginger and sugar when chewing the thin, tender beef strips. Lessen the amount of sugar and this dish will be perfectly tasteful!

…and I went for Beef Bibimbap!


…when the bowl is bigger than my face!


Beef Bibimbap – pronounced as Pi-bim-pap. It’s a Korean signature dish. It’s like their own version of “Nasi Campur”. Rice serve in a bowl with a lot of condiments and chili sauce. This one got beef in there, fresh vege, sweet corn, kimchi, seaweed and fresh yolk. How to eat? Just break the yolk, pour the sauce and combine well.


Huge portion! If you’d like to give this a try, I suggest you to share it or go for A la Carte. Otherwise, you’ll end up getting “muak” to finish it all by yourself.


  • Price. I’m not gonna to complaint much on that since this is not a local cuisine and I bet they have to import some of the ingredients. Plus, the portion is big and it’s located in a mall. RM 150 for 6 diners is not that bad I think. So, acceptable.
  • I was hoping the interior of the restaurant will “bring” me to Korea but unfortunately it was not well delivered. They did play Korean MTV though but without sounds. Heh??
  • Service was okay. Wi-fi is provided but the line is sucks. Choyyyy :p
  • Limited beverages choice. The list of drinks provided is quite boring to be frank.
  • Share your meals with your friends/family or go for A la Carte. The portion is huge. Listen to me this time. Like seriously…uuuuu~

It’s a very positive thing to see how many international cuisine being brought into our country nowadays. You don’t need to travel far just to experience international food or to experiment your taste buds. It’s all here in Malaysia. Go explore. Don’t be afraid to try. Who knows you’re gonna like it. So give it a try whenever you had the chance. 안녕히 계세요. [an-nyeong-hi gye-se-yo] GOOD BYE!



Hello readers! 

Happy Friday..suke haa weekend? hehe..I’m writing today to share with you guys another simple cheesecake recipe that you can try at home. Boring2 xde apa nak buat..bolehlah try out this recipe for birthdays ke, nak makan sendiri ke..nak bagi mak mertua ke kan? 🙂

I made this cake for my sisters and brother’s birthday. My bro’s birthday was in May actually but he was in Ireland at that time, so we don’t really had a chance to celebrate his birthday. While both of my sisters are Septemberians..so I decided to bake a cake for them and celebrate altogether at the same time. So i bake a simple Black Forest Cheesecake for them. I bake, i snap, i post and share the pictures on FB and Instagram as usual..and Alhamdulillah, there were few people asked for the recipe. Seronok bila ada orang yang nak try masak or baking ni. Hehe..here’s the recipe.



Biscuit base:

110 gm butter, melted

150 gm marie biscuit, crushed

40 gm cocoa powder

40 gm sugar

* mix all together, pat tightly into cake mould. Chill it for at least 15 minutes.



500 gm cream cheese

140 gm sugar

30 gm corn flour

3 nos egg

200 gm whipping cream

* Beat cream cheese with sugar until fluffy. Add in the corn flour. Add in the egg, one by one, beat slowly. Pour in the whipping cream and mix slowly. Set aside.


2 nos Egg white

40 gm sugar

1 can dark pitted cherries

50 gm chocolate chips

* Beat egg white and sugar until foamy. Pour into the cheesecake mixture just now. Pour 1/4 of the batter into the cake mould, and put the cherries. Pour the rest of the cheesecake batter to cover all those cherries. Sprinkle chocolate chips and push them inside using a chopstick. Steam bake at 170C for about 50-60 minutes. Chill overnight before serve.


Pelek tak pelik..

Sungai Pelek in Sepang…a small town. Senang cerita, kampung. Memang kampung. You can find so many old buildings there..where people still shop for their groceries and needs at their small pekan. Can you found a good western food there? All I can see is just one KFC restaurant at the pekan and that’s it.

Well, nak dijadikan cerita, my sisters and I went to Sepang few weeks back to send my brother in law to the Palm Spring Resort, Gold Coast, Sepang. He has been hired as a Chef there so we helped him to move out all his stuffs and what not. By noon, we got all hungry and it’s kinda hard to find good food in the area. Banyak kedai makan chinese and few Mamaks. My BIL suggests to go to Sg Pelek as it is the nearest town to eat (plus he wanted to buy some groceries over there too..). And he suggested this one restaurant that he and his colleague had went before.

Western food in Kampung? Seriously??


Restoran Olio Bistro..located right beside the Sungai Pelek Police Station. By the time we arrived, there were not many customers dine in. Was it because it passed lunch hour? Or the local memang tak makan western food? I’m nor sure…we were so darn hungry that we went straight to the menu. As shown on the restaurant signboard, Olio offers both Western and Local Specialties.

Sedap ke idokkk??

Spaghetti with Prawn Tempura

Spaghetti with Prawn Tempura

This is what I ordered for myself..the look, the presentation looked really really good. And yeah, it tasted as good as it looked! The spaghetti was served with tomato based sauce. I just liked how they let the tomatoes being chunky, so that I can chew those juicy tomatoes. It’s not too sour because I believe the chef had mixed a little bit of cream into the sauce to balance it all up. I can taste the creaminess out of it. The prawn tempura was just great. The prawns were so fresh. It’s crispy on the outside and juicy and moist on the inside. It gave the dish different texture and it was fun to chew those tempura. One comment, the herbs used in this dish is too much and overpower the dish. It could be better to lessen down the amount of the herbs. Other than that, this dish was delicious. 4 stars! 🙂


Ordered by my sister. Mulanya dia tanak order makanan berat and was looking for a light snack since she was not that hungry. So she order this Chicken Roll. When it arrived on our table, we realized that it wasn’t really a light snack actually. The portion is quite big! haha..it is like a Roti Goreng with chicken stuffing served with crispy nachos and fresh salads on side. You got different flavors and textures on a plate. I can see myself eating this with my girls, with coffee, gossiping and chatting for hours.. nyum nyum! 🙂

Nasi Goreng USA

Nasi Goreng USA

My brother in law decided to go for local cuisine. USA fried rice was his choice. What make Olio Bistro’s USA fried rice different from other was, selalunya kedai lain hidang Nasi Goreng USA dengan daging masak merah kan? Well, here they serve with chicken. And..and..keropok. Was it good? Well surprisingly it was. It tasted just like what I ate at the usual tomyam restaurant. Surprisingly good! And the portion was big too. My brother in law was actually share this with his wife.

Iced Mocha Latte

Iced Mocha Latte

I never thought that I can find a good western food in Sungai Pelek. It really worth a try. Next time you guys are in that area, drop by lah! 🙂


Are u a Nasi Ayam lover? A lamb fan? Love salmon? Chicken Chop? Fish & Chips? Wellington? You might go to any stalls on the street or Pasar Malam to get your chicken rice and go to fancy restaurants to eat those nice western food, right? Well..how about getting all of those, both Chicken Rice and Western food under one roof? The best part is, it won’t harm your wallet!

Good news for those who lived in Klang Valley!! This restaurant is located in Ampang Jaya. Surprisingly, this restaurant is quite famous and has a lot of regular customers from all races. Chinese, Malay, Indian, Eurasian..you name it! They have been eating here for so many years now.

Mana itu restaurant, lah??


heloooo Kim Kee!!!

This is the restaurant that I’m talking about. Kim Kee Nasi Ayam Hailam in Ampang Jaya. Exact location? It’s so easy to find..use MRR2 or DUKE highway to get to Ampang Jaya. You’ll see McDonalds beside the Petronas station, and you’ll see a Medan Selera beside the Petronas. It’s so easy to find..it’s located on the front row at the corner lot. You can even see Kim Kee signboard from the main road. Another landmark is Ampang Puteri Specialist Hospital..the Medan Selera Ampang Jaya is located behind the hospital.


Don’t worry..it’s HALAL 🙂

Nama restoran Cina, owner nya pun Cina..you guys may have doubts in mind whether it’s Halal or not, right? Do not worry..this restaurant is 100% Halal. yeayyy!!! This restaurant is actually owned by my brother in law’s family. Diorang dah bergaul dengan kaum Melayu sejak kecil lagi and decided to sell Halal food. Ramai regular customer diorang terdiri daripada orang Melayu..and they become friends! This restaurant has been one of my family favorite places to gather and eat.

Presenting…the food!!!

Appetizer: Mushroom Soup & Toasted Garlic Bread

Appetizer: Mushroom Soup & Toasted Garlic Bread

I recommend you guys to order this soup as an appetizer. Sip this warm, homemade creamy soup while waiting for your dish. Full of earthy mushroom flavor..dip the garlic bread for maximum taste bud satisfaction. Simply delicious!

steam chic

chic rice

This is the famous Kim Kee Hailam Chicken Rice. There are two variants – Roasted & Steamed Chicken. I love my chicken to be steamed. There is a difference between Chinese and Malay Chicken Rice in my opinion. The Chinese one usually offered moister rice, moist chicken, flavorful soy sauce and fresh crunchy taugeh. And I had that on my plate at Kim Kee. It just full packed of flavors! It’s authentic, it’s original. Simple yet so yummy. You can buy this succulent chicken rice starting at 11am.

Craving for western food??

Got bored with Chicken Rice? No worries..Kim Kee’s western foods may satisfy your hunger. Here some of the menu that I can share with you guys.

Baked Fish

Baked Fish

Highly recommended! The fish is so tender and moist..it’s not overbaked. Not at all..the cheese is still gooey and you can’t just stop eating this. Fish, cream, spinach, cheese..combined into one dish. Yummy, yummy, yummy!

Grilled Salmon

Grilled Salmon

It’s lean, it’s fresh and it’s healthy. Simply nutritious! Nothing can enhance the freshness of the salmon than a simple cooking style and dressing. All you need is just a squeeze of lemon. One thing that I dislike about this dish was, I kept on biting bones. Such a big turn off for me.



This is definitely an ultimate choice for meat lover! It’s big, yet very tender and juicy. This is so huge that we share it among 4 of us! Phewww..full of flavor. The meat fell off from the bone so easily showing that the shank is cooked perfectly. I really really want to soak some bread into the flavorful meaty sauce. Ada orang yang tak makan kambing sebab baunya but this one I guarantee you memang tiada bau. Order this menu and enjoy sharing it with your friends or family. 5 stars restaurant quality dish i must say. Worth every ringgit!


The most popular drink at Kim Kee is its Calamansi Juice. It is lime juice mixed with asam boi. It’s sweet, sour and bitter at the same time. You can also order a mixed fruit juice where you can choose any combination of fruit that you like. I chose watermelon mixed with orange. Heaven!

Please be reminded that Western food only be sold during dinner. Means that you can only start to order those western food starting at 6pm and above. Jangan mintak time lunch yea..memang dapat tengok gambar je lah :p Other recommended western dishes are Beef Wellington and its fluffy Fish & Chips.

I do recommend you guys to have a taste at Kim Kee. This restaurant really represents Malaysian. You can see all races from all religions come here and eat together. It’s modest yet offer a very fine dish with affordable price. I heard that Kim Kee is working on a plan to add Pizzas in their menu list. Is it true? Well, we shall wait and see. Give it a try and share your dining experience with us, guys!

Kim Kee..pilihan saya, pilihan Malaysia, pilihan Jalan-jalan Cari Makan! 🙂


new CAFE in town!!!

Hello there!!! 🙂

Yeah..it has been quite a while since my last post. Pardon me..I had the roughest time in my life for this year. I had lost one of my dearest hiking buddy 3 weeks ago (RIP Nabil..Al-Fatihah)..and i’m in my final exam week now. So I’ve been busy and struggling to find time to update my blog. I had so many reviews with me but I haven’t had the chance to post it yet. but I promise u guys, my dearest viewers & followers, I will post each and every reviews on restaurants I went and also the food I ate. komen, gamba, ada bertimbun dalam “closet” tu, tinggal nak seterika bagi cantik je sebelum tunjuk kat you guys. Hehe

So..I sat for my Food Critique final exam this morning. Woahh..time really flies! tup tup dh final exam. Alhamdulillah..it went all. Hope for the best! It was already noon when I finished my exam. so I fetched up my sister at home and went for lunch. There is one new cafe in Shah Alam offered coffee, pastry and sandwich under one roof. I got to know about it through Facebook homepage. I’ve been viewing its page for weeks. Coffee and dessert…ermmm..sounds really yummy and I really really really want to try this cafe out. But the problem is, I’m not that familiar with Shah Alam’s routes although I already been in here for almost 3 years now. Yeah yeah..call me lame. I don’t really go out when I’m in Shah Alam..that’s why. Thank God my sister is here. She knows Shah Alam better than me. So i asked her to join me try out this cafe.



Address: Wisma Faiz Azrina, No. 24, Jalan Tengku Ampuan Zabedah A9/A, 40100 Shah Alam, Malaysia.

Operation hour: Mon-Fri 12.00pm-11.00pm

Sat 10.00am-5.00pm

I’m finally here..yeayy!! cafe ni terletak di Seksyen 9. macam mana nak cari? Let me give you the easiest direction to get there. Landmark paling senang is Hotel Concorde Shah Alam. Depan sikit dari Concorde, you’ll see stesen minyak Shell. make sure the hotel and Shell are on your left side yea..after Shell, you’ll see a row of shop lots. Haa..masuk kiri. You’ll see Celcom shop there. Terus amek kanan and jalan straight ke belakang and turn left. Foodsburry is located at the back row of the shop lots.


My first impression of the interior was cool. It’s casual, it looks comfortable and welcoming. everything look new..maklumlah, this cafe baru beroperasi tak sampai 2 bulan pun lagi. It first operated on August 19 this year. So, since my sis and I dh lapar sesangat, we went straight to the menu the menu. Haaa…ni nak bagitahu. Sistem order kat sini is, tengok menu yang memang dh sedia ada atas meja, choose and tick what you want (just like the similar sistem yang ada kat Kopitiam tu…), bring the order list to the cashier counter and bayar terus. diulangi, BAYAR TERUS! Time kitorang datang tak busy..so cashier tu yang datang collect the order from our table. Hehe..time busy, tak dapeklah jang oiii~


Bila tengok je menu, my sister and I was like “ermm..ermmm…” bole tahan jugak harga dia for student level. But okay la..still affordable. Dah kata pun nak try kan. So my sis order Spagetti Bolognese and hot Mango Magic tea, while i ordered Beef Lasagna and mango juice.



This is the Bolognese..the moment it arrived on our table, the first thing that came through our mind was, “eyh, ciputnya??” yup..the portion in my opinion is quite small for RM8. yang perut kecil especially perempuan maybe cukup, tapi untuk kaum lelaki, I don’t think this will make them full. This spagetti comes in 2 sizes – Normal and Extra. I guess boys should go for the Extra one. Tapi, extra portion means extra money lah yer kawan-kawan, abang-abang, adik-adik sekalian..hehe. Additional RM4 will get you the bigger portion. So..comments? Since yang ini my sis yang order, dia makan dulu. 1st bite, she went “uhuuuhuuhuuu..uhuuhuhuuu…” she was pretending like she was crying. Haha..and I totally got what she was trying to tell. both of us always do that crying act. Bila makan something yang tak sedap, we “cried”. It’s like our own Morse Code la. ahahah..kitorg je yang faham. I took my 1st bite on it. yup. Indeed..the spagetti tastes blend and wayyyy too sour. So not to our likings yer.. Masam ya amat! Yeah..both of us are totally aware the fact that Bolognese is a tomato-based sauce but you as a cook must balance the sourness with a little bit of sugar and salt. We asked ourselves, “Tukang masak dia tak rasa dulu ke?” and one more thing, somehow it tastes and smells like dah nak basi. For those yang x biasa mungkin akan cakap dah basi, but I know that the taste and smell came from the canned tomatoes they used. Bau masam je..Berkerut-kerut muka my sis makan. Poor her..she was starving. Nak tak nak, makan jelaa..redha katanya..alahaiii~ Sorry but I am not recommending this menu to you guys.  Mango Tea yang dipilih biasa sahaja. They use the Ahmad Tea punya brand. Ahmad! Ahmad! So okay lah.



Moving on to my dish – the Beef Lasagna. First impression? Cantik…looks yummy! Just salad yang dua helai kat tepi tu…macam takde function. Tak letak pun ok. Macam hidup segan mati tak mahu je..dah layu and sikit sangat lah. 2 helai?? come on..whatever lah. Dah lapar. So I started to dig in.


Suapan pertama…”woahhh”! soft, creamy, full of flavors…nice!!! Thank God my dish taste better than my sister’s. I can taste the beef, the Bechamel sauce and the cheese, layer by layer. It was not the best lasagna I have tasted, but I can say it is sedap lah. A good lasagna in my opinion, must be creamy and cheesy with a little zing from the tomato sauce. Yeah, I do recommend this to u guys 🙂 I wished for a fresh Mango juice but they only serve the Mango fruit drink. Boleh lah..since dah berapa hari mengidam Mango juice tak dapat-dapat. Just a suggestion, include fresh fruit juice on your menu lah, Foodsbury..fresh juice! fresh juice! Tanamlah mangga depan kedai..hehe :p


Things I like in Foodsbury…

  • Nice atmosphere. Very casual..ada sofas where you can chill and relax while having coffee or reading magazine. Not only that, customers can also play varieties of Boarding Games. Ramai yang datang with family and friends. Makan, chit chat..yang datang buat assignment pun ada!
  • Friendly service. Waiter tak ramai kat Foodburry..dia lah cashier, dia lah waiter. Dia buat air, dia lah server. maybe sebab baru lagi kot..tak ramai pekerja. But they are all friendly. Sekejap-sekajap datang tanya, “Ok?” “So what is missing on your table? Oh, your food yea…tunggu sekejap ye” They come with smiles and that is good.
  • All foods and drink came in paper plates and cups. I like that concept. Pakai buang. Very hygienic..and..and..it can be recycled. Yeay! Go greeen! It looks cool too though 🙂
  • They have lunch hour promotions for student. Only RM10. Pelajar-pelajar yang dikasihi sekalian, ape lagi?


Things I dislike..

  • The Spagetti Bolognese. Enough said.
  • The order system. Tak berapa nak gemar lah kalau dah duduk nak kena bangun, jalan pergi kaunter untuk buat order. Leceh.
  • Tukang buat air. They have a window service, so I can see what is going on inside the kitchen. Yang buat air was a lady. Rambut panjang..tak ikat, tak bercover. Food handler..please. Hygienic sikit lah. Basic knowledge..I don’t want any hair in my foods or drinks.
  • Harga Mille Crepe tu…kurangkanlah sikit. Hiihii

Overall comments??

The concept of Foodsburry is great actually. Modern-urban-casual kind of style. Tempat remaja-remaja suka lepak you know? Menu simple-simple..ada coffee, ade dessert, ok lah. Just nak hang out dengan kawan-kawan, chit chat, gosip sikit-sikit, killing time..Good to try. I recommend this cafe to you guys sebab it is not fair for me to critic this cafe just because of the Bolognese. There is still a lot of dishes on the menu list that I haven’t tried yet. I believe antara banyak-banyak menu tu mesti ade yang “Killer” or menu “To Die For”. Tak try tak tahu, kan? Perhaps you guys can go there to try other menu and share with me the review. I would love to go back to Foodsbury to try out their Mille Crepe and Coffee. Berbaloi atau tidak? Well, let me answer as a student lah yer..since most of you guys yang follow my blog are students kan. I rase tak berbaloi compare dengan portion yang diberi. Tak berbaloi..kalau makan hari-hari. Hehe..sekali-sekala nak tukar selera or nak celebrate birthday kawan ke, kawan dapat girlfriend/boyfriend baru ke, nak gosip-gosip sambil makan dessert, apa salahnya. Datanglah Foodsbury..boleh tengok mural Gajah minum kopi. Hee..go and give it a try okay? 🙂


So far, hanya ada satu je tempat yang serve the best Pasta dish yg I pernah rasa. Sedap, portion besar and affordable price. Which I dah makan since high school lagi. Kat mana? Haaaa…wait for my next entries! 🙂


Tak tahu nak buat kek apa untuk hari lahir anak? Teringin nak makan kek span? Ini resepi paling mudah untuk buat kek span. Resepi saya dapat daripada lecturer saya di UNITAR dahulu, Chef Asma. Mudah dan sedap. Ini resepinya:


A) Telur                              6 biji

    Gula kastor                    120 gm

    Ovalette                         30 gm


B) Tepung superfine         120 gm

    Tepung jagung              20 gm


C) Minyak Jagung               50 ml

    Perisa oren                     1 tsp


D) Topping:

     Topping cream             125 gm

     Pewarna                         1/4 tsp



1. Pukul bahan A hingga kembang dan pekat.

2. masukkan bahan B sedikit demi sediki. Kacau sebentar sahaja.

3. Masukkan bahan C dan kaup balikkan hingga sebati.

4. Tuang adunan ke dalam acuan dan bakar selama 25 minit pada suhu 180C.           Sejukkan.

5. Untuk topping, pukul cream hingga kembang.

6. Potong kek kepada 2 atau 3 bahagian. Sapu cream pada setiap lapisan.

7. Ratakan cream ke seluruh kek. Hias mengikut citarasa.



* Tepung perlu diayak terlebih dahulu.

* Jika gunakan acuan yang kecil/cupcake, kurangkan masa membakar.

* Perisa oren boleh dtukar kepada perisa lain.

* Topping cream adalah cream yang manis. Cari yang tertulis :Topping cream – Ready to whip. Ada dijual di kedai-kedai kek yang menjual bahan-bahan kek.

* Ovalette adalah bahan penstabil kek. Ianya menyerupai gel pekat berwana oren dan ada dijual di kedai yang menjual bahan-bahan kek.


Ini adalah gambar kek span oren yang saya pernah buat. Ditempah untuk “Birthday Party” seorang bayi perpempuan berusia satu tahun. 







There is one cheese cake recipe that I would love to share with you guys. I got this recipe when I worked as a Junior Pastry Chef/Baker few years ago. It is actually a California Cheesecake recipe but I made some adjustment and modification so that I can use it as a basic recipe for cheesecake and I can add any flavor I want.

I made so many cheesecakes using this recipe. People (usually friends & family) keep asking for more and order cheese cake from me. I give you guys this recipe so that you can bake our own cheese cake one day! 🙂


This is what you need!


A) Biscuit base

Marie biscuit or Digestive biscuit, crushed     160 gm

Butter, melted                                                          120 gm

Sugar                                                                            10 gm

Combine all ingredients and put inside a 10 inch cake mould. Push and flatten it well. Let                it cool.

B) Cheese cake

Cream cheese            750 gm

Sugar                            100 gm

Plain flour                    20 gm

Egg yolk                         2 nos

Whole egg                     1 nos

Whipping cream          250 gm

C) Egg white                     2 nos

Sugar                             100 gm

D) Strawberry/Blueberry topping    200 gm


1. Beat the cream cheese and sugar until fluffy and become pale.

2. Add in flour and mix well.

3. Add in whole egg and egg yolk. Beat at low speed.

4. Pour in whipping cream little by little. Fold in slowly. Set aside.

5. In another bowl, whisk egg white and remaining sugar until foamy and fluffy.

6. Fold in the egg white into the cheesecake batter.

7. Pour onto the biscuit base until half of the cake mould. Add in strawberry/blueberry topping or any topping you want. Pour the remaining batter.

8. Put into a preheat oven at 180C and bake the cheesecake (using steam-bath method) for about 1 hour.

9. Let it cool and put in the fridge for at least 6 hours before taking it out of the mould.

10. Spread the remaining strawberry topping on top of the cake. Serve.


* Scrap the batter frequently while mixing to avoid any lumps.

* Line the cake mould with aluminium foil to make it easier for you to take out the cake later. Smooth the foil surface with the back of a wooden spoon before putting in teh biscuit base.

* Be creative. You can use kiwi or orange topping for other flavor or you can add lemon juice & zest from 1/2 lemon for citrus flavor.

* Use UHT whipping cream (just like in the picture). DO NOT use topping cream (the sweet one).

* Cheese cake is done/cooked when it is stiff when you shake the mould.

* Steam-bath method is where you put water under the cake mould.


step by step

Here are some pictures of the Cheese cake that I have made:

cheese cake

Mixed berries cheese cake - The one that I made for my bestie's Bridal Shower

Mixed berries cheese cake – The one that I made for my bestie’s Bridal Shower


another Strawberry Cheesecake

another Strawberry Cheesecake

Happy Baking, everyone! 🙂



Buko Poso @ Hayaki Sek 13

Bukan saya yang buko poso (buka puasa) tetapi saya teman rakan-rakan sekelas saya berbuka. Selalu saya puasa mereka tidak, ni saya tak puasa mereka pula puasa sebab ingat saya puasa. Haha..bersungguh-sungguh kami buat Puasa 6 dan puasa ganti. Bagi menghormati rakan-rakan, saya tidak makan tengah hari dan tunggu azan maghrib untuk makan bersama mereka.

Salah satu soalan yang sangat payah untuk dijawab setiap kali nak pergi makan adalah “nak makan kat mana?” Yer..terlalu banyak kedai makan di Malaysia. Kita kecilkan skop. Di Shah Alam sahaja sudah penuh dengan restoran, kafe, kopitiam dan sebagainya. Setelah beberapa minit ‘brainstorm’ untuk makan di mana, saya mencadangkan Hayaki Kopitiam Seksyen 13, Shah Alam. Saya pernah makan di Hayaki di cawangan Kelantan suatu ketika dulu. Agak teruk. Servisnya lambat.  Terlalu lambat. Saya terpaksa menunggu lebih 30 minit untuk dua pinggan Chicken Chop dan sepinggan roti bakar. Jadi kenapa saya pilih untuk makan di Hayaki? Ermm..ini kerana rakan-rakan saya yang lain ramai memberikan komen positif untuk Hayaki Seksyen 13. Mungkin Hayaki di Kelantan sahaja yang berikan servis yang lambat. Siapa tahu? Jadi saya cuba.

Hayaki Kopitiam Seksyen 13 terletak betul-betul di bawah Serviced Apartment Acapella. Ruangnya luas..and boleh duduk di seksyen yang berhawa dingin, duduk di bawah kipas atau duduk berbumbungkan langit (outdoor). Kami pilih duduk di luar.


Bila lihat menu, satu soalan je yang saya ada. “Pemilik Hayaki orang Kelantan ke?” Haha..sebab gambar depan menunya adalah gamba Pasar Besar Siti Khadijah, Kota Bharu dan terdapat Nasi Kerabu, Nasi Dagang, Nasi Dagang, Nasi Ulam dan Kuih Malas dalam senarai. Ibu saya sendiri orang Kelantan dan saya biasa dengan menu-menu sebegini. Ada kemungkinan pemiliknya memang orang Kelantan. 🙂




Kami tiba awal, jadi kami minta pelayan untuk hantar makanan kami lewat sedikit. Makanan kami sampai beberapa minit sebelum azan maghrib. Ini yang dipilih:


Kuih Malas – “kuih malah” orang Kelantan cakap. Ini sebenarnya kuih cucur udang. Hayaki menghidangkan cucur ini dengan kuah rojak yang sedikit tidak kena dengan selera saya. Rasa petis/otak udang terlalu kuat dan terlalu manis. Kuah yang dituang di atas cucur membuatkannya sedikit lembik. Saya lebih suka jika kuahnya dihidangkan di dalam mangkuk yang lain supaya saya dapat menikmati kerangupan cucur.


Bandung Cincau – antara minuman yang menjadi pilihan. Salah seorang rakan perempuan saya order sampai dua gelas. Haus eh puasa? hehe


Nasi Kukus – saya pilih ini. Teringin pula nak makan nasi kukus. Nasi kukus ni datang dalam bungkusan dan diletak di dalam dulang mengkuang kecil. Ada nasi, ayam goreng berempah, timun, kacang dan ikan bilis goreng, dan sambal. Pendapat saya? Saya suka cara ia dihidang. Dari segi rasa, biasa-biasa sahaja. Rasa karinya agak kosong. Mungkin boleh ditambah dengan sedikit rasa ayam atau daging. Kacang dan ikan bilis goreng memberikan sedikit kelainan berbanding nasi kukus di tempat lain.


Nasi Kukus Hayaki


Mee Kari – pilihan rakan saya. Saya sempat mencuba kuahnya. Rasanya sukar untuk dijelaskan. Rasa karinya sedikit berbeza. Saya tidak rasa santan segar digunakan dalam kuahnya. Mungkin susu cair yang diguna ataupun santan serbuk yang dibancuh. Kurang pekat dan tiada rasa lemak santan.


Nasi Kerabu – Terdapat pilihan antara nasi kerabu ayam goreng mahupun ayam percik. Rakan saya memilh ayam goreng. Nasi, ulam-ulaman, budu tumis, ayam goreng. Kombinasi sempurna!


Mango Ice Rock – antara menu pemanis mulut yang popular di Hayaki. Puri mangga dihidang bersama potongan buah mangga segar yang sejuk. Memang sedap dan terbaik untuk mengakhiri hidangan anda. Namun ianya agak terlalu manis sehingga rakan saya terpaksa menambah air dan ais untuk mengurangkan kemanisannya.

Duduk di luar adalah sangat sesuai untuk bersantai dengan kawan-kawan (jika tidak hujan lah). Ianya berangin dan anda boleh menikmati pemandangan matahari terbenam sambil makan. Tenang dan indah.


Keseluruhannya, Hayaki Seksyen 13 tidak begitu mengecewakan seperti pengalaman di Kelantan. Benar..kadang-kadang restoran yang mempunyai banyak cawangan memberi pengalaman yang berbeza walaupun membawa nama yang sama. Untuk yang berada di Shah Alam dan tidak tahu nak makan di mana, bolehlah mencuba Hayaki.


Ramadhan has ended. It’s Syawal now..meaning that there will be lots of finger licking good food, sweet kuih raya, open houses and tonnes of gatherings. We basically will eat a lot more than usual. Well I chose to replace my puasa first. During my “puasa ganti” last week, i chose to break my fast at Papa John’s in Sunway Pyramid. My sister and I felt like eating pizza, so we went there to try out Papa John’s for the first time.

We did take a look at the menu first before entered the restaurant. Our first impression on the menu and the price range was okay and we finally decided to take our seat.


We ordered Set For 2 which consists of one regular pizza, one plate of potato wedges, one plate of Cheese Stick and two glasses of soft drink.

The waiter seated both of us near the service window. The staff kept on moving here and there and talk to each other like we were invisible. They giggled, had fun with each other and talked loud. Annoying!

We got are meals after few minutes. It was good that we did not have to wait very long for the meals since we were starving. Here our meals:


appetizer – Cheese Stix

Cheese stix – is actually a plain bread dipped into cheese sauce. Eat while it still warm and soft. The dip is way too salty for me but the creamy flavor of cheese is there.


starter – Potato Wedges

Potato wedges – another appetizer or starter given to us. What more can I say? It taste just like a packet potato wedges i bought at the supermarket. Surprise, surprise, I have to ask for a chili sauce from the waiter. There were no salt, pepper, chili sauce or ketchup on the table. We need to ask for it and in my case, I only got a small saucer of bottled chili sauce.


Baked Pasta

Baked Pasta – Another disappointment. I was imagining that the pasta will be creamy with full of thick sauce but we had a dried-out pasta instead. The cheese on the top went burned and the cheese got harden and hard for us to spoon the pasta out. To make it worse, the taste was quite blend. I wish i had a bottle of salt on my table seriously. They got pepperoni in there but it was still lack of taste.


Chicken Papa John’s PizzaImage

Pizza – My favorite kind of pizza crust it the thin one. Unfortunately, there is only original crust in the set menu. That’s fine..there was few choices of pizzas but my sister and I chose Chicken Super Papa’s Pizza since it carries the house’s name so it must be special in our thoughts. We were wrong though. It was blend, lack of taste and the crust got harden and it was kinda hard for us to chew. We had to eat the pizza with chili sauce since it was too blend.

It was definitely a disappointing dining experience we had. We came with empty bellies and left with frustration. I was not sure whether it was only in Sunway Pyramid’s branch or it is the same quality we will get in other branches. Whatever it is, Papa John’s is no longer in my list.


Ayam penyet bukanlah satu makanan asing lagi bagi rakyat Malaysia masa kini. Makanan yg berasal dari Indonesia ini mula memikat selera rakyat Malaysia semenjak beberapa tahun yang lepas. Bukan satu, bukan dua, tetapi sudah berpuluh restoran yang menyediakan Ayam Penyet di Malaysia. Mungkin cara masakan dan selera orang Malaysia dan Indonesia tidak banyak bezanya, membuatkan Ayam Penyet mudah mendapat tempat.

Ayam penyet biasanya dihidangkan bersama sepinggan nasi putih panas, ulam-ulaman yang mungkin kobis, timun atau tomato, tempe goreng atau tauhu goreng. Enak dinikmati sewaktu makan tengah hari ataupun makan malam.

Salah satu restoran ayam penyet kegemaran saya adalah restoran Waroeng Penyet yang terletak di The Curve, Damansara dan ini bukan kali pertama saya.

Bukan ayam penyet sahaja yang dihidang, malah terdapat juga pilihan lain yang boleh dipilh mengikut selera masing-masing. Semenjak kali pertama saya berkunjung ke restoran ini, saya dapati pilihan menu sudah bertambah. Bukti Waroeng Penyet menambahbaik menu mereka untuk memuaskan hati pelanggan. Bagus!




Pilihan saya? Saya pilih untuk mencuba sesuatu yang baru iaitu Bakso Bakar. Jika setiap kali datang saya pilih ayam penyet, kali ini saya tukar selera. Hurm..hehe. Ini dia.


Bebola daging kenyang dibakar bersama kicap manis ini benar-benar enak. Makan bersama nasi panas, kicap, sambal dan bahan sampingan lain seperti kobis hiris, timun, tempe dan tauhu goreng..menyelerakan!!! Sambalnya pedas namun mampu buat anda ketagih. Awas! Sambalnya betul-betul pedas. Jangan cuba untuk berikannya kepada anak-anak kecil. Kami yang dewasa ini pun makan sampai berair hidung. Hee. Terdapat dua pilihan sambal; Mild Spicy dan Spicy. Saya pilih yang Mild kerana sambal yang terlalu pedas mampu untuk ‘memotong’ selera saya dan mengganggu tunas rasa.


Ini pula antara menu-menu yang dipilih oleh rakan-rakan saya. Ayam penyet (pilihan wajib), Empal (daging) Penyet dan Lele (Ikan keli) Penyet.




Mungkin ada yang berpendapat ayam goreng tetap sama rasanya walau di restoran mana pun. Anda silap. Bagi saya ayam penyet di Waroeng Penyet diperap dan diperisakan secukup rasa dan digoreng sempurna Rangup di luar, lembut dan lembap di dalam. Masih berjus. Saya tidak suka ayam goreng yang terlalu masak atau terlalu garing kerana daging ayam akan menjadi liat dan keras.  Pendapat rakan-rakan saya tentang Empal Penyet dan Lele Penyet? “Ikan keli rasa macam ikan keli goreng yang biasa kita makan” haha. “Daging sedap, cuma ada bahagian yang sedikit liat”. Ermm..bagi yang tiada gigi mahupun memakai gigi palsu, hati-hati.

Pilihan air juga banyak. Orang Indonesia biasanya memilih Jus Alpukat atau Jus Avokado. Malangnya, sewaktu kunjungan kami, buah avokado masih belum ranum dan tidak boleh dibuat jus. Ermm..tiada usaha untuk mencari yang ranumkah? Entah. Jadi kami memilih Es Godir yang rasanya seperti ABC, Cendol dan teh jasmin yang sangat popular di Indonesia, Teh Botol. Ini kegemaran saya! 🙂



Di dalam restoran, pelanggan akan dhiburkan dengan klip-klip video karaoke lagu-lagu hits Indonesia. Jadi, sementara menunggu makanan, anda bolehlah menyanyi menghiburkan hati (secara perlahan yer..tiada mikrofon disediakan). Kami tidak memilih untuk ‘menikmati’ lagu-lagu tersebut tetapi kami memilih untuk menikmati sebakul keropok goreng sambil berborak. Hehe


Secara keseluruhan, restoran ini memang menepati citarasa. Ruang restoran yang luas (indoor & outdoor), menu yang pelbagai, servis yang mesra, makanan yang sedap dan harga yang berpatutan. Namun, restoran akan sibuk dan penuh sewaktu makan tengah hari. Jadi, pilih masa anda. Elakkan waktu pekerja pejabat keluar makan. Satu yang saya kurang gemar di restoran ini ialah, anda perlu membuat order and sendiri di kaunter. Anda duduk di tempat anda, pilih menu dan tulis di atas kertas order, bawa ke kaunter dan bayar. Jika sedang makan dan anda inginkan nasi tambah, anda perlu ke kaunter untuk membeli. Leceh bukan? Jika tidak sibuk, pelayan mungkin akan membantu anda untuk ke kaunter. Hanya berikan wang kepada mereka.

Sedap atau tidak? Berbaloi atau rugi? Anda tentukan sendiri. Cuba dan rasa. Anda pasti ketagih! 🙂